Friday, August 12, 2011

Our Quick Trip

So our quick trip included over 20 hours of driving,
no sleep, riding 4 wheelers, parade of homes,

Tucanos, hair cut and color, more 4 wheelers,
 swimming, Shawn and Tanya's wedding,

 Gabes baby blessing, Aiden's grave,
tour of temple square,Joseph Smith movie,

 made a quilt, played with balloons
and headed home....

now THAT's a trip!

The beautiful bride
                                                                                       and groom...soo happy!

Play'n with balloons in front of my mom's house.

Landon got those for his birthday

from Sue and Russ
Emmy, Isaac and Eli

Grammy at the was so nice to see her

My brothers Schuyler and Jesse with Eli

Little Gabe and Katie...soo cute.
  I didn't get a picture of him in his blessing outfit but he was the cutest!
Me and Isaac.  We only had one scary part where I thought we might tip...yikes.
I'm sticking to grassy meadows.

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  1. This is wonderful!!! Tim told me you had set up a blog. I love the title. Life is truly an adventure and we are so blessed that you and your family are part of our adventure. We are home finally!!!! Miss you guys already.